Common Words Between Hindi and Arabic

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I’ve always been fascinated by  languages. I enjoy learning them and hearing them. As a child, I use to check out all kind of foreign language books from the library. If I went shopping with my mom, I would go straight to the language section of the bookstore. I built a really nice collection from Portuguese, Greek to French. A year before I started college, I became so fascinated with Arabic. I would spend all my time listening to Arabic music and  searching for Arabic books or language resources online.

When I took my first Arabic course in college, I was fascinated with how many words are so similar to Hindi and Punjabi ( the languages that my grandmother taught me). I’ve made a small list I am sure there are more. Unfortunately, for the Hindi and Punjabi I had to type in transliteration because I don’t know how to read or write in either language. That will be my next mission, Insha’Allah. If you are interested in languages like me, take a look! You might find this fun.

Punjabi? Ki Haal Chaal Hai?/ Arabic –  كيف حالك (Kayfa Haluka/i) = How are you? 

Hindi- Kursi /Arabic- كرسي ( koorsi)= Chair

Hindi- Keera/ Arabic- خيار (kheer)=Cucumber 

Hindi-Waqt/Arabic- وقت ( waqt)=Time 

Hindi-Daroori/Arabic-ضروري ( Daroori)= Important/Necessary 

Hindi- Jayb/Arabic- جيب (Jayb)= Pocket

Hindi-Shukriya/Arabic– شكرا (Shukran) Thank you

Hindi- Jawaab/ Arabicجواب ( Jawaab) Answer

Hindi-Lekin/Arabic لكن ( Lekin) But

Hindi –Salwaar/Arabic سروال ( Sarwaal) Pants

Hindi-Shakal/ Arabic شكل (Shakal) Shape

Hindi- Kas/Arabic خاص (Khas) Special

Hindi- Dunya/ Arabic دنيا ( Dunya) World 

Hindi- Saboon/ Arabic صابون ( Saboon) Soap ( This is also similar in Spanish, French and Italian) 

As you can see, there are so many similarities. There is even a lot more that could be added to this list. It’s so interesting to see the history behind their similarities as well.  What interesting finds have you discovered while learning languages? As a language lover, I would love to know!

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