Our Favorite Survival Skills Books

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“Mom, What Would We Do If We Saw a Coyote ?”

They’ve been really into learning survival skills lately. They enjoy watching videos about building forts, starting fires with natural materials, and what to do if you encounter wild animals. As a nature-loving mama, I realized my knowledge of survival skills was a little rusty. I had no idea how to explain what to do if we encountered a coyote or a copperhead ( something typical in North Carolina). Therefore, I ended up researching books on survival skills and came across several that we love.

Our Favorite Books About Survival Skills

Survivor Kid: A Practical Guide to Wilderness Survival by Denise Long

I’ve been reading this book to my children in the mornings. I appreciate that this book explains all the essential survival skills in a way that’s easily understood by my children. This even inspired my son to create a “survival backpack” that he always has on hand whenever he goes into the woods.

Ultimate Survival Skills for Kids by Rob Colson

This book was fascinating for all of the family members. My husband was even sitting down reading it. It teaches things like how to avoid being struck by lightning or how to survive an earthquake.

Playful Preparedness by Tim Young and Liz Young

This book teaches children survival skills using pretend play. They especially love the activities where they pretend to apply first aid. I appreciate the activity about teaching children to trust their gut feelings.