Finding A Good Homeschooling Curriculum for Muslim Homeschoolers / Religious or Secular?

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The Face of Homeschooling is Changing

Traditionally, homeschooling in the United States was predominantly Christian families. Now, homeschoolers are more diverse than ever before. We range from many different religions, races, cultures, and nationalities. The curriculum choices are changing to reflect this. We now have a wider selection of curricula not associated with any specific religion. This allows the non-Christian homeschooling families to have a wider selection.

What About Islamic Homeschooling Curriculum?

There are no all-in-one Islamic homeschooling curriculum books available in the United States. This means we do not have any curriculum books that come from the same company that teaches all subjects. We’re starting to have more high-quality resources available. Some companies make great videos and printables related to Islam. My favorites are

Crescent Moon Book Store:

Noor Art :

What About The Other Subjects?

I usually seek out secular curricula when it comes to subjects such as math, language arts, science, and history. I usually try to find a curriculum that focuses on ” the science of reading” and “hands-on math”. I have to pick and choose between different curricula companies based on my child’s needs and interests. Some people have considered using Christian but the only one I would recommend is The Good and The Beautiful. They are not heavily focused on religion and have high-quality and affordable materials.

My Favorite Science Curriculum:

History Quest:

Favorite Reading and Spelling:

Blog Post on Mostly Secular Curriculum:

Important Points to Remember

  1. You will always have to pre-read all homeschooling material.
  2. Many history curricula don’t have a good representation of Islam or the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).
  3. You should educate yourself on current events and important topics. Children will ask a lot of questions.
  4. If you choose a Christian curriculum, you may have to edit some of it or cover pictures of prophets. Islam is an Abrahamic religion and we believe in prophets such as Adam, Moses, Noah, Jesus, etc ( Peace Be Upon Them) but we do not show images of them.
  5. Unit Studies are a great option for some families who want to piece together their own material.
  6. Most homeschoolers use different companies for different subjects

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