5 Faith-Based Youtube Channels That I’m Loving Lately

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I’m a busy homeschooling mom who loves to learn new things and study my religion. When I am not able to read, I enjoy listening to videos or podcasts. I’ll share 5 Youtube channels that I’ve been enjoying lately.

1. The Blonde Muslim

I enjoy her channel because her content is very motivating and she speaks very honestly about the struggles many converts/reverts face.

2. Let the Quran Speak

This has been my go-to account to learn Islamic knowledge. Dr. Shabir Ally is one of my favorite theologians.

3. Blessed is Hashem

I’ve always wanted to learn more about Judaism. He makes several videos talking about Islam and its similarities to Judaism. I find this very fascinating.

4. Blogging Theology

If you are interested in deep religious discussions then I highly recommend his channel. I’ve learned so much from his videos. The speakers are great!

5. Bayyinah Instiute

This is a great resource for Islamic knowledge. I especially loved the Out of Context series. They explained many of the misconceptions about Islam very well.

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