5 Habits That Help Me When I Feel Spiritually Low

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    As busy parents, sometimes we forget to take care of our spiritual well-being. It can be challenging to juggle work, homeschooling, maintaining physical health, nourishing our bodies, cooking family meals, and other tasks in our day. Many of us end up burnt out or mentally drained because we ignore our spiritual health. Many of us neglected our spiritual health for so long that we don’t even know where to start. Moreover, many of us feel guilty because we’ve missed many prayers and haven’t remembered God in so long. Don’t let this guilt get to you! It’s never too late! Remember that God always has open arms and God is more understanding than we can imagine. It’s absolutely natural for our faith to fluctuate at times. Today I’m going to share five habits that help me when I am spiritually low.

5 Habits That Help Me When I Feel Spiritually Low

Praying With My Kids

I am always with my children and try to include them in my daily prayers. Whether I’m performing ritual prayers or simply talking to God, praying with my children helps me stay connected to God and slow down. It encourages us to develop gratitude. Developing gratitude helps us feel more optimism and happiness. Praying reminds us of our purpose in the life of this world. 

Creating a Prayer List

 I learned the habit of keeping a prayer list from my maternal grandmother. I keep my prayer list in my journal and make a goal to review it daily. I write down everything from praying for orphans, praying for my grandmother, and anyone that comes to my mind. Keeping a prayer list helps me pray more intentionally. It helps me slow down and think of others. It also helps me build the habit of reflection. 

Listening to Motivational Audiobooks or Podcasts

I enjoy reading, but I haven’t been able to sit down and focus on a book lately. As an alternative, I listen to motivational podcasts or audiobooks. I’ll usually pop my wireless headphones in while the kids are playing at the park or when I’m doing dishes and cooking. Lately, I’ve enjoyed listening to Mufti Menk, Julie Bogart, and The Wild and Free Family by Ainsley Arment. 

Putting My Phone Down and Observing My Surrounding

It’s crazy to think of how dependent we’ve become on our phones. We use it for practically everything nowadays. We carry it in our hands without realizing it. Before we know it, we start doom-scrolling. These phones were created to be addicting. Sometimes it makes you feel like you are living in an alternate reality. It sucks our time away. I usually delete my social media apps and put my phone on top of my fridge. Without the distraction, I notice more about my children, my house, and nature. It helps me to reflect on the many blessings of God. 

Being Observant of Nature

 “And it is He who spread the Earth and made in it firm mountains and rivers, and of all fruits, he has made in it two kinds; He makes the night cover the day; most surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect.” [Quran 13:3]

The Quran is constantly reminding us to reflect on the creation of God. Observing the way trees grow, the sky, flowers, and the breeze always remind me of the many wonders of God. When I take my children on a walk or play outside, I try to slow down and focus on the beauty of nature around me. I’ll usually recite “SubhanAllah, Alhamdulilah, Allahu Akbar.” This translates to “glory to God, all praise belongs to God, and God is the greatest.” 

“Never lose hope. Stay close to Allah and when you mess up, go back to Him. Never, ever stop going back to Him. Repent often. Cry to Allah. And hold on tight-with your life-to His remembrance and to prayer. If you do this, you may get wet, but insha Allah never drown in this ocean of this world.”

— Yasmin Mogahed