Try This Fun, Simple, and Quick Fine Motor Activity!

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Today I’m going to share one of my son’s favorite fine motor activities that we learned from his occupational therapist. The best part about it is that it’s quick, easy, and requires little prep!

What’s The Activity?

We’ll be taping paper or a coloring sheet to a vertical surface, coloring the paper with watercolor coloring pencils, and then brushing over it with a q-tip.

It sounds pretty simple, right?

What’s the purpose behind all of this?

I’ll explain!

1)The act of tearing the tape strengthens the muscles of the fingers and hands.

2)Writing on a vertical surface naturally puts the wrist in an extended position which encourages a better pencil grasp.

3) Using colored pencils helps children learn to apply pressure to a paper because it shows up lighter than markers or crayons.

4) Using a q-tip to brush the watercolor coloring pencils improves pencil grip because children have to use a “pinch” grasp on the Q-tip.

Supplies Needed

Watercolor Coloring Pencils (we use the Crayola brand



Tape (preferably painters tape)

Paper/ Coloring Sheet

Let’s Do This!

  • Encourage your child to pinch off a piece of tape, hold the paper against the vertical surface ( we use the balcony door), and then stick it onto the surface ( you may need to assist them with the paper).
  • Encourage them to color or draw with their watercolor coloring pencils on the sheet of paper.
  • When they are done, ask them to dip their Q-tip in water, and then ask them to gently brush it across the paper until the watercolor is spread.


You’ve helped them practice building their skills and create a beautiful piece of art!