7 Habits That Have Changed My Life for the Better

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Waking Up Early and Establishing a Routine of Morning Rituals

    We’ve all heard about the benefits of waking up early. The truth is, it’s not always attainable if you are a busy mom. When I was nursing children and co-sleeping, it was very challenging. I accepted it as the phase of life and did my best to take care of myself. Now that my children are older, I can establish a better sleeping schedule and routine. My morning routine starts by waking up for Fajr Prayer ( the first Islamic ritual prayer). I try to wake up around 5 AM for Fajr, read 2 pages of my Quran, pray for everyone on my prayer list, journal, or listen to a podcast. Sometimes, I fold a basket of clothes. Later, I will snuggle with my children until they wake up.

Getting Ready for the Day

   This is another tip that I used to roll my eyes at. Yet, I knew it had truth. Again, this may greatly depend on what phase of motherhood you are in at the moment. If you have a newborn or young toddler then it’s a big challenge. I usually do a basic skincare routine, put on a little blush, put on lip gloss, and wear a nice pair of black joggers or a dress. It helps me feel more productive and my children get to see me taking care of myself and looking my best.

Deactivating Instagram/ Lessen My Social Media Usage

    I’ve been on Instagram since 2011. I’ve noticed how distracting and addicting it has become over the years. It has been challenging for me to leave Instagram. I constantly think of what I am missing out on. It has benefited me to promote my book and connect with others. Yet, I believe the benefits of leaving outweigh the risks.

Thrifting, Reusing, and Repurposing

    As a mom of 3, I’ve noticed that we can accumulate a lot of trash. My goal is to save the amount of water and energy that we use. I’ve ditched paper towels for most clean-ups. Instead, I use microfiber cloth. We also repurpose pasta jars for storage. If there is a way to re-use it or waste less then I’ll try it! Not only is it beneficial for the environment, it saves money. I also check at thrift stores before I make any major purchases.


   As a Muslim, we have many forms of prayers. We have the 5 daily ritual prayers, supplications, and chants/remembrance (dhikr). I try to remember to start everything with “bismillah” or ” in the name of God”. This helps set my intention. I work on not missing my 5 daily prayers. After those prayers, I will make a small supplication and pray for my worries, my children, and the rest of the family. This practice has done wonders for my anxiety.

Daily Walks and Outside Time   

    As homeschoolers, we are outside a lot. That being said, the summer has been hot! We’ve been indoors more than usual. I try to make sure that I go out daily and walk either early in the morning or around 7 PM. It helps me with my mental and physical health.

Practicing a Daily Hobby

    I grew up being told that hobbies are a waste of time. I know now that it’s not true. Hobbies can do so much for your quality of life. They are much needed in a screen-filled world. As a mother, it’s hard to find any time to do things I enjoy but I’m trying to change this. Lately, I’ve enjoyed drawing, gardening, writing, baking, and crochet. I try to set at least 5 minutes to do one of these. It does wonders for my nervous system. Additionally, my kids have followed my example and are becoming interested in handicrafts.