How I Boost My Faith as a Tired Mom

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Before I became a mother I had a good connection to God. However,praying became an obstacle once I became a mother. I just couldn’t understand why my faith was so weak. It wasn’t until later that I realized that I was struggling with postpartum depression. After the birth of my third daughter, I’ve struggled with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) amd anxietyIt is so important to seek professional help if you have any symptoms.  Many mothers are struggling with these issues and don’t realize it. They end up blaming it on something else and being too hard on themselves. When you feel that negative guilt creeping in your head,remember that  one of the 99 names of God is Al-Adl . This means that God is very just and fair, never oppresses, and judges justly. God knows exactly what you are going through and he will always be fair.

5 Small Ways I Boost My Faith as a Tired Mama

1. Renewing my intention : Everything can turned into a good deed with the right intention. Sometimes I have to re-evaulate myself. I try to tell myself things like , ” today I am going to take care of my family with the intention of pleasing God.” It makes things like feeding my family, teaching my children and changing diapers much more rewarding. 

2. Using wireless earphones and taking advantage of audio books, motivational songs,lectures and recitations : This allows me to listen to motivational or religious audio while I do things like breastfeeding, cooking, cleaning, or watching the kids. It’s even helpful to do this while I am in bed in the early morning. Wireless headphones are a great way to get your phone out of your hand. 

3. Using Alexa for the call to prayer, listening to the Quran, podcast, audiobooks etc. : Alexa has been extremely useful for me. I have set my Alexa up to do call all of the 5 daily prayers. It’s so motivating to hear the words, ” come to prayer, come to success” loudly in my home. I have also been able to hear the Quran both in English and Arabic on the Alexa. Additionally, I can hear podcast and audio books. This is really helpful when I am cooking, tidying up or having coffee. I usually take advantage of this when the kids are quiet. 

4. Pray and talk to God at anytime : In addition to the five daily ritual prayers, I focus on talking to God at anytime of the day. I pour my heart out when I am worried or stressed. 

5. Keep goals small and consistent : I am notorious for making a big list of goals and not completing them. I try to keep my list small, realistic and consistent now. 

I’d love to hear what other parents are doing to keep yourself motivated too!

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