A Quick Comparison Between Logic of English and The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts

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The Logic of English and The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts are popular language arts curriculums for homeschoolers. They both have first-rate reputations. Choosing between these two programs was a challenge. I spent hours reading reviews and looking over samples. I ended up going with Logic of English Foundations. I felt that this program was better for my kinesthetic learner. However, The Good and The Beautiful has worked successfully for so many families. 

A Comparison of Logic of English and The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts

The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts  https://www.goodandbeautiful.com/pre-k-8-curriculum/language-arts/

The Good and The Beautiful states,” our program includes a daily lesson format and streamlined resources. This open-and-go course guides parents and students through learning using engaging, varied lessons and activities. Beautiful, diverse illustrations and stories are incorporated into the Level 1 Reader which is an integrated part of the course. “  It includes phonics, reading, spelling, grammar, punctuation, literature, writing, and art appreciation. 


  • The curriculum is affordable. 
  • The teacher book and student book are included in one book.
  • There is a free PDF version of their curriculum available.
  • The curriculum incorporates art appreciations and geography.
  • The curriculum incorporates rich literature.
  • It’s an open-and-go program.
  • There is very little preparation work required for the parent.
  • The curriculum incorporates a wide range of language arts concepts.
  • The curriculum is beautifully illustrated.
  • There is a focus on good morals and characters.


  • The Good and the Beautiful is not secular ( The religious content is not heavy and can be easily skipped).
  • The language arts curriculum moves quickly.
  • The curriculum advances quickly.
  • It’s more traditional and workbook based.
  • The lessons are long.
  • Spelling is taught in a way that not every child may grasp. 
  • The curriculum doesn’t have a strong focus on phonemic awareness.

Logic of English Foundations 


The Logic of English website states, “Provide students in K-2 with a fun, multi-sensory experience learning to read and write that engages their senses, works naturally with their desire to wiggle and play, and lays a strong foundation for reading and writing success.”  



  • Logic of English is secular.
  • The program is very thorough.
  • The lessons are well organized.
  • Video lessons available online to help parents.
  • The lessons are hands-on and games are included.
  • The curriculum is great for wiggly children.
  • Logic of English focuses on research-based way of teaching reading.
  • The program is well suited for children with learning disabilities.
  • The program has a strong emphasis on phonemic awareness.
  • Spelling is taught in a fun style.


  • The program is costly.
  • Lessons move too slowly for some families.
  • Handwriting pages can be a little dull.

These are my personal thoughts on the programs based off my my experience with my son. You will have to make adjustments with any program because there is no perfect curriculum. My son needed something fun, hands-on, and has progressed greatly with his reading skills. That being said, I may still consider The Good and the Beautiful for older grades.  

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