My 10 Year Anniversary of Converting to Islam

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I can’t explain the way I felt hearing the call to prayer for the first time. I remember waking up to the dawn call to prayer with chills all over my body. It felt very surreal. Every time I heard the call to prayer I would tell myself, ” I know that I am going to be Muslim one day.”My heart was searching for God and everything just started adding up like a puzzle for me. “

I ended up saying the said the declaration of faith in my room and became Muslim on November 1,2011. I can’t believe that it’s already been 10 years! It hasn’t been an easy journey.

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I’ve had to deal with the backlash from loved ones, people who try to make the religion complicated, Islamophobic people, biases from my old way of thinking, doubts, and loneliness. Yet, my life has never had so much more clarity, hope, and purpose. The more I learn about my religion the more I fall in love with it.

So much has changed since 2011, I now have a Muslim family of my own, my loved ones have become more accepting, and my understanding of Allah and the deen has vice I’d Tell New Convertsmatured, and I’m much more spiritual.

Advice I’d Tell New Converts

  • If I could go back in time I would tell myself to immediately focus on the good actions and good deeds that Islam encourages. Letting your family notice the difference in you is the perfect way to come out to your family about your choice to convert.
  •  I’d make sure not to engage in debates with family members that are going to cause a lot of emotions.
  •  I’d avoid getting my information from random YouTubers and websites even if they are popular. There is a popular one that many converts get referred to when they have questions and I don’t advise anyone to use that . Follow your instincts!
  • Don’t change who you are or your identity. There is no need for that in Islam. Islam is a universal religion. There is no culture that has more of the right way of Islam than the other.
  • Ignore the noise! Remember that this is your journey with God. Don’t let people pressure you to make changes when you aren’t ready. Don’t always depend on people to get you closer to God. They will oftentimes let you down and you will feel discouraged in your religious journey.
  • Turn off social media sometimes because it’s toxic on both sides with the Islamophobic people and the people who misrepresent the religion.

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