Ramadan Homeschooling Plans For Our Family

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Ramadan and Family Traditions

Ramadan, the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, is a time for spiritual growth through fasting, good deeds, and prayer. I’m always surprised by how quickly it seems to come and go every year. Ramadan is an exciting time for our family. We’ll usually clean the house, put up lights, pull out our Islamic books, and decorate with a Ramadan countdown calendar and lanterns. We are working on building Ramadan traditions together as a family. Every year seems to bring something new.

Homeschooling and Flexibility During Ramadan

As a homeschooling mother, I’ve had to think of ways to adjust our homeschooling routine around Ramadan. We typically continue their curriculum but take a very relaxed approach. For example, we’ll stick to core subjects and spend less time on the “extras”. I put more of an emphasis on Islamic values and teachings. We also try to make time for more rest by minimizing our activities. This year I have several ideas planned that I am excited to share!

Our Ramadan Homeschool Plans

  • Please don’t pressure yourself to do a lot of activities during Ramadan. These are only suggestions.

Have a Family Meeting to Discuss Ramadan Ideas to Include the Children

Decorate Our House For Ramadan

We’ll usually put up indoor lights, a Ramadan countdown calendar, a banner, lanterns, and a lawn sign. We try not to be excessive, but making a big deal out of our holidays is important.

“ Practice Fasting” for My Older Children

Many children will “practice fast” for half the day or a few hours. My oldest son is excited to try this year.

Attend Community Events

This year we plan to attend several community events. These include a Ramadan lighting ceremony at the mosque, a henna event, and Ramadan bazaar.

Take a Night Walk Together to Spot the Moon

This year Ramadan will fall in March and the weather should be warming up. It will be the perfect time to take a walk and look for the “Ramadan moon.”

Read Islamic Books Together

We really enjoy all of the Ramadan books that we find at the library and online bookstores each year. There always seems to be something fun and new. Here is a list of books that I compiled last year in an older blog post.


Host a Small Gathering For Non-Muslim and Muslim Homeschooling Friends

We are planning to host a small get-together for both Muslim and Non- Muslim homeschool friends. We thought it would be a fun idea to read Ramadan books and do activities.

Pray Together and Make a Prayer List

Plan to do a Good Deed a Day

We have a special calendar with the number of days of Ramadan. I plan to write a good deed a day and put it in the calendar.

Have a Sleepover in the Living Room and Wake for Suhoor Together

“Suhoor” is the meal we eat before we fast. We wake up very early for suhoor; It’s usually around 5 in the morning. My plan is to prep the meal the night before, get everyone’s sleeping bag downstairs in the living room, and wake everyone up with a big breakfast. It’s extra exciting when we do it this way!

Pray at The Mosque for Night Prayers

Taraweeh is a special prayer that Muslims pray at night during Ramadan. People also try to get through the Quran during this time. I like to take my kids every now and then to night prayers. I don’t go every night with them but they find it exciting to go to the mosque late at night. Sometimes they will even have activities for kids.

Make Goody Bags for Neighbors, Friends, and Family

Help The Children Plan an Iftar Meal for the Family

Some of our favorite appetizers include veggie rolls, pastry puffs, Moroccan soup, and pancakes.

Make Eid Cookes and Pick Out a New Outfit to Wear on Eid Day

Eid Al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan and we always celebrate with sweet treats and new clothes.