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Don’t Judge a Book By The Cover !

  My children and I regularly read books together. It’s one of our favorite homeschooling traditions. Recently, we came across two books that left a big impact on us. Surprisingly, they are graphic novels! Graphic novels are usually underappreciated. It’s often assumed that the lack of text equates to the content of the book being frivolous. After reading these books, I can testify that graphic novels are in no way inferior to traditional novels.  

Muhammad Najem, War Reporter: How One Boy Put the Spotlight on Syria

   Firstly, I’ll share the book that we just finished.  Muhammad Najem, War Reporter: How One Boy Put the Spotlight on Syria by Muhammad Najem is a graphic memoir. Muhammad Najem was 8 years old when the war in Syria started. He and his family went through numerous heart-wrenching struggles. Even though he was going through so much, he was determined to show the world what was happening in Syria. He decided to record stories from the ground and post them online. Later on, he ended up being featured on CNN and became an activist. My children and I watched several of his videos on YouTube. We were inspired by his bravery. He was risking his life to make these reports.

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  When Stars Are Scattered by Victoria Jameison and Omar Muhammed

 Next on the list is “ When Stars Are Scattered” by Victoria Jameison and Omar Muhammed. This is also a graphic memoir that tells the story of Omar and his younger brother Hassan, who are refugees living in a camp in Kenya. They are originally from Somalia but had to flee the civil war. They unfortunately got separated from their mother. Omar suddenly faced many challenges including taking care of his brother with special needs. They later met a sweet woman named Fatuma took them under her wing. The novel discusses life in a refugee camp and the process they had to go through to resettle as refugees in the United States.

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My Thoughts

    These books brought so many emotions to us. We laughed, we cried, and we couldn’t help but notice many parallels between the accounts in these books and other current events. My children and I have been discussing some of the issues in Palestine, Sudan, and Congo. We’ve discussed being displaced, oppressive governments, and the effects of war. These topics may seem heavy but my children were very interested. These books are geared toward children ages nine through twelve. That being said, it can be enjoyed by all ages. My 7-year-old and 5-year-old were listening in as well. My 7-year-old has even asked me to save the book for him. We are now on the hunt for more non-fiction graphic novels. I promise that after you read these, you will be too!

Reading is an exercise in empathy; an exercise in walking in someone else’s shoes for a while.”

Malorie Blackman

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