35 Bullet Journal Topic Ideas

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I’ve always admired bullet journaling but I was initially put off by starting one. It seemed like a very time-consuming task meant people who are skilled at drawing or calligraphy. After researching bullet journaling I realized that I was misinformed. A bullet journal is a personal organization system meant to track everything from ideas, reminders, your to-do list, personal development goals, etc. It can be as simple or extravagant as you make it. After all, it’s YOUR journal. 

I started by ordering a bullet journal kit from Amazon. I have had my eye on this one that includes stencils, pens, washi tape, a bullet journal, and stickers. https://amzn.to/3pN7wjs. I try to use stencils but I don’t always get around to it because I am always busy with my children. Pinterest is my favorite place for bullet journaling ideas. There are many bullet journal Facebook groups and Instagram pages with great ideas. I’ve grown to love bullet journaling because I can personalize it. I also enjoy making lists. The key is just to have fun with it. 

I wanted to share some of my bullet journaling topic ideas. I hope that I can inspire someone to get started. It’s an amazing way to organize your life. 

  1. Prayer list
  2. Good deed ideas
  3. Quran notes
  4. My favorite memories
  5. Podcast or book notes
  6. Books I’ve loved
  7. Spiritual goals
  8. Marriage goals
  9. Goals for each child
  10. Health goals
  11. Personal goals
  12. Screen time goals
  13. Language learning goals
  14. Homeschooling goals
  15. Parenting goals
  16. Financial goals
  17. Monthly or yearly goals
  18. Health concerns
  19. PMS Tracker
  20. Anxiety Tracker
  21. Outing ideas
  22. Blog post ideas
  23. Spontaneous things I’d love to do
  24. Favorite advice or quotes
  25. Affirmations
  26. House repairs
  27. Personal wish list
  28. Book wish list
  29. Homeschool social ideas
  30. Travel Plans
  31. Homeschool curriculum list
  32. My favorite recipes
  33. Fasting tracker
  34. Bad habits I want to give up
  35. Self-care ideas

The possibilities are endless. Just go for it!

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