Good Deeds That are Perfect for Introverts

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I used to think that to have an impact on the world I had to be outgoing, work in an NGO, make speeches, or travel around the world. Furthermore, I use to doubt my potential because I am an introvert. In truth, having an impact starts from the good deeds that you do consistently in your life. We are all capable of having an important impact in the world. Each of us possess a noble purpose. It does not matter if we are an extrovert or an introvert. 

Good deeds are a major component of my faith, Islam. There are prophetic sayings that state even giving half of a date fruit, smiling, or removing harm from a path are sacred deeds. The Quran chapter 99 verse 7-8 says, “So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it, and whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it.” According to our teaching, this even applies to people who do not follow our faith. That being said, whether you are religious or not, good deeds are an important act of love and kindness. 

Good Deeds That Are Perfect for Introverts 

  1. Purify your intentions. You can turn anything into an act of worship with the right mindset. This includes small things like cooking for your family.
  2. Be a positive influence on the children in your life. Whether you are a parent, aunt or uncle, or babysitter. If you have a powerful impact on children it will stay with them the rest of their life. 
  3. Call family consistently and genuinely ask about them. 
  4. Sincerely pray for others. Keeping a prayer list helps you to remember all the people who asked you to pray for them.
  5.  Share your knowledge with others. You could donate a book or write a blog about the subject. 
  6. Inspire people with genuine positive compliments or words of encouragement. This can even be through social media.
  7. Write an inspirational blog or social media post.
  8. Send someone a handwritten letter, gift, flowers, cake or card.
  9. Spend time with the elders in your life, send them gifts or offer them help.
  10. Donate your gently used furniture or reusable items to someone in need.
  11. Take care of animals. This could be something as simple as putting up a bird feeder or transferring a caterpillar from the sidewalk to the grass.
  12. Work on not wasting food.
  13. Take care of the environment. This could be anything from not wasting water or picking up trash. 
  14. Forgive someone or apologize to them. Sincerely pray for them.
  15. Give in charity or to a Go Fund Me page.
  16. Support small businesses. 
  17. Cook or buy food for a new mother or someone who is sick.
  18. Plant a tree or contribute to planting a tree through charity
  19. Genuinely take time to listen to people in your life. Focus on them without holding your phone.
  20. Smile at someone and ask how they are doing.

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