My Daily Routine With 3 Kids and Why We Don’t Follow a Homeschool Schedule

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I created many elaborate schedules when I started homeschooling. They were very similar to an elementary classroom. I thought it was going to be perfect for us. I quickly learned that this schedule was not feasible. I created several more; they didn’t work either. I became discouraged and wanted to give up homeschooling.After reaching out to fellow homeschooling moms, and taking wisdom from Julie Bogart, the author of The Brave Learner, I realized that I was doing it all wrong.

Homeschooling is not supposed to be an imitation of school at home. Homeschooling is about embracing what makes the “home” in homeschooling unique. I was encouraged to follow a routine over schedule. Routines are regular habitual procedures. It took us almost one year to find a routine that works but I’m really happy with how things are looking for us now. Our routine alters with the season, doctor appointments, holy days, field trips, tantrums, potty training, illnesses, and meet-ups. My advice is to embrace what makes the normal rhythm of your life unique. Be willing to be flexible and patient during hard days.

Our Routine


  • We spend quality time with my husband before he leaves for work.
  • We’ll have our breakfast and get things ready for the day.
  • If the weather isn’t too hot yet, we’ll go outside.
  • I’ll set out books, games, art supplies, blocks, and books.
  • My husband and I will sit with them, focus on listening to what they have to say, and read a story to them.
  • I sometimes discuss the weather, day of the week, and emotions with my toddlers.

Late Morning and Early Afternoon 

  • I’ll set an alarm on my Alexa device. When the alarm goes off, my oldest son knows that it’s time to start handwriting.
  • I finish preparing lunch and focus on my toddlers while my son finishes his handwriting.
  • We’ll have lunch and a small break.
  • My oldest son is learning his Islamic prayers. He’ll pray with me throughout the day.
  • After lunch, we will work on reading.
  • We’ll work on math.
  • We take a small break.
  • I’ll usually read a book related to science or history to them. Other days we will do experiments.
  • My son will work on Arabic for a short time.


  • We’ll have a quiet time.
  • We’ll have snacks.
  • We’ll watch some shows together.
  • I’ll try to take some time for myself.
  • I’ll cook dinner.


  • We go outside for as long as possible.
  • We’ll have dinner.
  • We’ll have more connection time.
  • We start our bedtime routine and go to bed.

Stay tuned for my Friday homeschooling routine post!

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