Our 2022 Homeschool Goals and Changes  

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      2021 was a very productive homeschool year. We navigated pandemic learning, started new curricula, went on field trips, experimented with a new schedule, dived into new books, explored nature, and I had to educate myself about ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome, and selective mutism. I had many moments where I felt like giving up but I’m glad we pushed through. I also learned a lot from my own mistakes. 

   I can’t believe how fast the year passed. It feels like yesterday that I was planning our new school year. Our main objectives for 2021 were learning to be consistent, more field trips, more interest-based learning, and different math and reading-based goals. I’m content with what we achieved, but we still have a lot of work to do. Surprisingly, all the curricula that I purchased worked well for them. We haven’t made many changes except adding Singapore Math. Additionally, we try to follow a block schedule. We have a reading day focus and a math day focus. We also loop subjects like science, languages, or history in the morning. 

Our 2021 Homeschool Goals 


  • Focus on building connection and being present 
  • Find standardized test for my oldest son, age 7 ( required by NC law)
  • Prepare for the standardized test 
  • More interest-based learning 
  • Incorporate more games 
  • Keep up with Indian/Moroccan evening tea time tradition
  • Involve the children in cooking and baking more
  • Work on a chore routine


  • Join more consistent social groups 
  • Start classes at Homeschool-Experience and gymnastics
  • Have more one on one time with my 3 and 5-year-old and join social groups with him 
  • Join a community-based project 
  • Mosque visits every Friday 
  • Library storytimes 
  • Plan more field trips/ travel


  • Work on finishing letter sounds with my 5-year-old 
  • Start Bob Books with 5-year-old
  • Begin Logic of English Level D for my 7-year-old 
  • Continue reading more nonfiction, historical fiction, and anything that looks exciting to the children
  • Read to children daily 


  • Work on motor skills with Ilyas ( holding pencil correctly, tracing, activities, etc)
  • Keep up with morning writing time with daddy
  • Start learning to writing name (5-year-old)
  • Work on handwriting for my 7-year-old 
  • Work on written expression with my 7-year-old 
  • Keep up with journal 


  • Start Math With Confidence with 5-year-old 
  • Continue with Math Mammoth and Singapore Math 2A with my 7-year-old 

Science/Social Studies/Geography 

  • Work on more interest-led projects and presentations 
  • Read encyclopedias and books related to different topics 
  • Start back on History Quest 
  • Weekly Science Projects 
  • Evan Moore Science Book
  • Google Earth study and geography workbook


  • Become more consistent with language learning ( will be coming up with a plan soon)


  • Keep up with praying together, learning small verses of the Quran, prophet stories, and mosque visits 

   This seems like a lot but many of the goals overlap each other. I also try to be realistic and patient with myself. I didn’t include my three-year-old daughter directly in any of these goals but many of these apply to her too. She normally just tags along with us. I’m pretty sure that I’ll come up with more or they may end up changing.


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