5 Reasons That I Love Homeschooling 

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    I’m very passionate about homeschooling. This surprises people because they equate homeschooling to “pandemic schooling”. To them, homeschool translates to something that’s limiting and hard on the parents. Traditional homeschooling is completely different. It offers families more flexibility and gives children a large range of opportunities. That being said, it’s not always easy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

 5 Reasons That I Love Homeschooling 

Play/Outside Time- Children of all ages learn best through play and exploration. In my opinion, the traditional classroom setting is not a natural environment for children. Unstructured play and outside time are very important to our family. Children are only children for a short time and I want to give them plenty of opportunities to play and explore. 

Freedom and Flexibility- Homeschooling families don’t have to depend on someone else’s timetable. We are able to create routines and schedules that fit our family’s needs. We get to take breaks when we need them and travel when we want. This is especially helpful for our family because we have family in Morocco. We are also able to customize homeschooling during the holy month of Ramadan. 

Individualized Learning- Every child learns differently. It doesn’t make sense to treat them all the same just because they are a certain age. Homeschoolers are able to focus on their weaker subjects for a longer time and explore their interest as long as they want. For example, my child needs extra help with handwriting. We are able to focus on this in unique ways for him.

Learning Together as a Family- I’m learning so much with my children! It’s so amazing discovering new facts together. Additionally, my older child helps my younger ones. They enjoy learning from him more than they enjoy learning from me sometimes. I even let my children teach me a few facts about their favorite subjects. 

Time and Moral Values-  Time seems to fly by, especially when you have children. As you get older you begin to realize that there is nothing more important than family. Most children spend 7-8 hours at a traditional school a day. Additionally, they spend extra time doing homework or on sports. This leaves only a few hours a day for families to be together. Not all families have weekends off and this gives them even less time. With homeschooling, families have more time for connection and a stronger influence on moral values. 

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