5 Tips for When Your Family Experiences Homeschooling Burnout

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They Warned Me!

When I started homeschooling I heard several veteran homeschooling parents discuss homeschool burnout. I’ve experienced burnout before so I assumed that I would be prepared if it were to happen to us. I was wrong! It crept up on us so fast!

It lasted from mid-January through early March and I’m still feeling the impact of it today. It started with being cooped up inside during rough winter weather. We were craving a change to our routine. We felt stuck. Many groups and play areas began to raise their restrictions again due to Omnicron. We felt unmotivated, bored, and I started to doubt whether or not homeschooling was even a good choice for us anymore.

Don’t Give Up Just Yet Because You Aren’t Alone!

I started talking to other homeschooling mothers and noticed that many of them felt the same way. I even reached out to my mom who was a teacher and she said many teachers end up feeling the same way during the start of the year. It felt good to know that I was not alone. I realize this is a part of the learning process as a homeschooling mother. I’m going to try to become better prepared for the future. 5 things helped us during these months.

5 Tips for When Your Family Experiences Homeschooling Burnout

1. Focus only on the core subjects ( reading, writing, and math) or combine different subjects.

2. Utilize open and go curricula or workbooks.

3. Utilize computer programs and documentaries.

4. Get out of the house whenever possible and whatever way you can.

5. Focus on child-led learning and games.

6. Bake, snuggle, and read stories together.

Just go with the flow, don’t give up, and embrace the season. The feeling of motivation will soon return.

Most importantly, don’t forget that children are ALWAYS learning.

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