Read This Before You Give Up On Homeschooling!

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Do you feel like giving up on homeschooling?

I can relate to you! You’ve been researching homeschooling for years. You bought all the recommended books on how to be the perfect homeschooling mom and make learning fun.

Your hopes were high. You were excited and planned the perfect first day in your head.

Then nothing went as planned. Your child didn’t want to listen or cooperate. They didn’t enjoy any activity that you prepared.

You spent your days frustrated. You bought a different curriculum. You even switched up your learning style in hopes of a miracle.

You’ve come to the conclusion that your child would be better learning from someone else. You’re heartbroken about the decision and feel like a failure.

Don’t give up yet. I was once in your shoes. I’ve realized the solution is TIME. A lot of homeschooling veterans tell new homeschooling parents to not give up during the first few years. There is a lot of wisdom to this advice.

Our Story

My firstborn is the definition of strong-willed. He has always been very determined. He is set on having things his way. My heart was pulling to homeschool him from the time he was a toddler.I researched it thoroughly before I made the decision. When we started, he was very close to 6 years old.

I had the perfect plans but he didn’t enjoy any of them. He wanted to climb, jump on the sofas, run around the house, and barely ever finished anything I presented. He strongly disliked writing. He complained about math being boring. The only thing he enjoyed was nature walks and hearing me read the Magic Tree House series.

Every child is different and what he needed was not what I was giving him. I did try to make it interest-based and fun. Yet, it just wasn’t working. We both still had a lot to learn about each other.

Now he is 8 years old and is excited about homeschooling. The other day I was printing a literature study on the book Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary and he was so excited about it. He no longer complains about doing his work. Sometimes I find him reading to himself and opening up his math books.

What Changed?

Time is all we needed. I stuck to being consistent and tried to stick to the basics. Looking back, I know that he was too young. I wish that I would have just gotten on his level more often and tried to connect with him. He’s becoming more mature now.

I’m not saying that our learning experience is done. I’m not saying that it’s perfect now. I’m just glad I pushed through those hard days and didn’t give up. So, if you feel that calling to homeschool then don’t give up. If I can do it then it’s possible for you too! Just slow down, breathe, and give it time!

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