My Experience With Homeschooling in North Carolina

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I homeschool my children in the “triangle” area of North Carolina, USA. North Carolina is considered to be a “moderate regulation” state. This usually refers to states that require parents to send notifications, test scores, or evaluations. North Carolina states that children must start schooling at the age of 7. This refers to private schools, public, schools, or homeschooling.

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The requirements include

  • Parents that will administer should hold at least a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Send a notice of intent online
  • Selecting a homeschool name
    • You can not use the following words in your school name:  Charter, college, elementary, grade, grammar, high, incorporated (or Inc.), junior, kindergarten, lower, middle, primary, public, residence, schooling, secondary, seminary, senior, the, university or upper. 
    • You can not use the name of your curriculum in your school name, even if you are registered with an accredited distance learning program. 
    • You cannot use A or THE at the beginning of your school name.
    • If you do not provide a name then it will be the last name of the chief administrator + school.
    • When selecting your school name, choose a simple name appropriate for inclusion on the student’s future high school diploma and transcript. They will not be able to accommodate requests to change the school name once your file is opened.
  • Decide to register as a religious or as a non-religious school. ( This has no real impact but gives state information).
  • Operate (conduct instruction in) the home school on a regular schedule for at least nine calendar months of the year, excluding holidays and vacations.
  • Maintain immunization records and annual attendance records for each student.
  • Make sure to administer a standardized test. The test should involve the subject areas of English grammar, reading, spelling, and mathematics. Have this test on record for one year. The first standardized test must be administered within one year of the home school start date, and then annually thereafter. 
  • Notify them when the school is no longer in operation.
  • Send notice of intent five days prior to your home school’s opening date. If your children will turn age 7 before June 1, send it at least 5 days before the child’s 7th birthday.
  • No Notices of Intent are accepted in May and June.
  • You don’t have to send a notice of intent yearly.
  • You can’t withdraw your child ( ages 7 and above) from their current school until you receive approval.

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Owl Pellet Dissection With our Muslim Homeschooling Group

Our Experience

No Evaluations Required

I have never homeschooled my children in any other state. That being said, I’ve talked to a few friends in other states. They usually have to have an evaluation or send in a portfolio. We don’t have to do that in North Carolina. There have been a few people who have received letters for evaluation but they are optional.

Easy Registration Process

As mentioned, we homeschool in Wake County and have had a very positive experience. Sending in the notice of intent was a very smooth process. I scanned my college degree, filled out the application, and chose the name. I had a whole list of names but ended up deciding on “Atlas Multicultural Academy”. Atlas is in reference to the Atlas Mountains, where my husband comes from. Multicultural describes our family. We added “academy” to sound more official.

Finding Homeschooling Groups

As Muslim homeschoolers, we decided to seek out secular groups. Interestingly, I was invited to a Methodist group. It sounded nice but I wasn’t sure how it would work out for us. There are several Christian groups and also secular non-religious groups. We had good success finding accepting groups that fit our family. We also have a Muslim homeschooling group, a few Wild+ Free groups, and there are several places that offer hybrid classes for homeschoolers.

Field Trips and Activities

In addition, we have several sports places that offer classes or events for homeschoolers. These include soccer, gymnastics, rock climbing, dance, running, and martial arts. The North Carolina Zoo and Aquarium allows homeschoolers to have free entrance twice a year. There are numerous other activities directed towards homeschoolers. These include nature schools, science demonstrations, conferences, and more. My children have really enjoyed their groups and all the activities we tried. There are plenty of places to go to for field trips that include beautiful parks and free museums. We have the mountains and the beach a few hours away. This gives us a lot of fun field trips.

Testing Requirements

My children are ages 4,6, and 9. My oldest son is the only one that is registered to homeschool. For standardized testing we chose the untimed CAT test. We chose to administer the online version. Parents can also choose paper. We had good experience with it. We usually get in done in one or two days. It’s easy to navigate online and also pretty affordable. Other parents that I’ve talked to have tried out Woodcock Johnson or PASS. There are several to chose from on their website.

Popular Cities

Wake County is located near Raleigh, the capital. Not all areas of North Carolina will have these opportunities but larger cities usually have them. The rural areas of North Carolina may be a little bit more challenging. If you are a homeschooling family considering North Carolina then I’d look into the cities of Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Durham, Holly Springs, Fuquay Varina, Garner, Clayton, Greensboro, Charlotte, Winston Salem, Chapel Hill, or Asheville.