Reminder for Dealing With Homeschooling Naysayers

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” You will usually face backlash whenever you do anything outside of societal norms.”

A Reminder for Dealing With Homeschooling Naysayers

Homeschooling parents know that many people have misconceptions about homeschooling. Homeschooling is extremely misunderstood by society. Telling people that you homeschool sometimes triggers them to offer unsolicited advice. They’ll usually mention how it’s a horrible idea and will say something about socialization. In most cases, we know these are myths. Yet, these people will still make you question your choices. In reality, the people saying most of these statements are clueless. It’s like someone without knowledge of building a house telling you how to build one.

Reminders When You Have Doubt

  1. You are the one who has spent countless days and nights researching. You researched the curriculums, learning styles, homeschooling styles, and co-ops. You are the one who has read the books, listened to the podcast, and videos, and reached out to veteran homeschool parents. It was you and not them! Most of the people making comments like this don’t know anything about homeschooling other than what they heard in the media.
  2. You are the expert of your own children and your own family. You know what works for your family. Just because there may be horror stories about homeschooling, they aren’t you! You have the power to create a beautiful and enriching atmosphere in your home.

Never forget that you are the one who has put in the time to research. You are the expert of your own family. Keep your head up!