2023-2024 First Grade Curriculum Picks- Youtube Video

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It’s the time of year again when many homeschooling parents share the curriculum choices for their children. This year I will be homeschooling three children. My children are ages 9,6 and 4. I consider them to be in kindergarten, first, and fourth grade. It’s been an interesting process trying to figure out what I’ll be using with each child because they all have different learning styles.

2023-2024 First Grade Curriculum Picks

Reading and Writing

Pinwheels by Rooted in Language ( https://www.rootedinlanguage.com/pinwheels-program)

Pinwheels is a comprehensive literacy program for new readers and writers. It was created by a group of speech and language pathologists. It’s a multisensory program that’s based on the science of reading. Additionally, it’s known to be a solid program for children with dyslexia and dysgraphia. I chose it because my son needs more help with blending and writing. It’s going well so far. He even became enthusiastic about pointing out consonants at the store! I was a little intimidated by it because it’s parent intensive and requires a lot of printing. That being said, I studied it for a while and used post-it notes and highlighters. It made it easier to use. 


For math we are using Math With Confidence Level 1. We are loving this curriculum so far! It’s game based and gives children a deeper understanding of math concepts.

Stay Tuned for the Kingergarten, Fourth Grade, and Family Subject Videos!

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