Our Homeschool Space Makeover

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Is A Homeschool Room Necessary?

Let me preface this by saying that a homeschooling room is unnecessary to homeschool successfully! Many people do fine with whatever space they have. It honestly comes down to the atmosphere of your home. We consider the whole earth our classroom. We used the kitchen table a lot and spent a lot of time snuggling on the sofa and reading together. That being said, I always dreamed of turning our unused storage area into a creative learning space. I wanted a space where they have all their learning material around, books, art, and games.

Our Storage Space Before

Don’t judge! Life got busy with three children and we were living in survival mode for some time. We ended up putting everything we didn’t need in there for a while. It ended up piling up.

After! A Storage Space Turned Into Homeschool Creative Space

What Did We Change?

  1. We decluttered everything! We hauled off a lot of trash, gave away, or donated many things that weren’t used. This included a lot of books, an area rug, containers, papers, and more! I also sold a few curriculum books that we didn’t use anymore.
  2. We deep-cleaned everything from the floor to the walls.
  3. I cleaned the closet out and stored all the games and extra art supplies in there.
  4. We added more lighting. Previously, the light was dark and it made the room uninviting. We added pancake lights with LED bulbs.
  5. We added a fan for more circulation.
  6. We bought a new brighter area rug.
  7. I organized and moved the bookshelves.
  8. We added a foldable table. I also like that I can adjust the size.
  9. We added cube storage to display learning activities.
  10. I added the Nugget couch for a “book nook” type spot.
  11. I added a few baskets for book storage.
  12. We plan to add more posters.
  • We plan to paint it a fun color in the future and slowly add more to it!

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