Podcast and Videos That Inspired Me in July

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My July Favorite Parenting, Homeschooling, and Faith Youtube Videos and Podcasts

One of my goals for the year is to stay consistent with watching or listening to motivational videos or podcasts. This month I was able to keep up with my goal. I always have my notebook around to jot down anything important that I learned from the talks. Additionally, utilizing my wireless earphones helps me when I’m moving around the house to take care of my children.








  • Authentic Parenting/ Anna Seewald ( Episode #142- Sibling Rivlary)
  • Authentic Parenting/ Anna Seewald (Episode #281- Power of Self Regulation)
  • Parening Without Power Struggle/ Susan Stifflman( Episode #65-Beyond Burnout)
  • Called to Homeschool ( Episode # 118- What Makes a Sucessful Parent)


  • Raising Mums (Episode # 26- Homeschool Curriculum)
  • Called to Homeschool ( I listened to several of her episodes.)
  • Homeschooling 365 Podcast ( Episode 18- When Your Curriculum Choices Sabbotage Your Homeschool)
  • Brave Writer ( Homeschool Unrefined)


  • Mindful Muslimah Speaks ( I listened to several of her episodes)
  • Muslim Central ( I listened to several speakers.)
  • Honest Tea Talk (Bouncing Back from Lows)
  • Quran Weekly ( Marriage Makeover)
  • Converts in Conversation ( Haram Police, Parenthood as a Convert)

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